‘JIMIM’ Trending Again After Dynamite’s #1 on Billboard Hot 100 Charts Announcement

How is September that good to BTS? And we are loving it here! Since the release of the Billboard Hot 100 news that ‘Dynamite’ is no. 1, there have been several trends regarding the news. One of the trends is #JIMIM. It is a misspelling of Jimin’s name but its still a worldwide trend. It has the fact to do with Jimin having the most emotional reaction when BTS got its first no. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 back in August. He wrote on Twitter how he was still crying after he received the news. He was so emotional that he mispelled his own name, he wrote ‘Jimim‘ instead of Jimin.

Now ARMY is waiting to see if he is going to post again and if he will still be as emotional like last time? I think it is safe to say that Jimin is one of the most emotional members in BTS, he literally wears his heart on his sleeves. We have seen the way he cares for his members, always planning and being in charge of the other members’ birthday cakes. He is always comforting the other members whenever they are having a hard time.

V said that whenever he is having a hard time, Jimin is the one he has always turned to. When BTS was asked who is the member they would turn to if they were having a hard time, they all picked Jimin. Our baby mochi is so precious and deserves the world because he gives ARMY his world and all the love to his BTS members.

When Jimin mispelled his name out of excitement amidst tears of joy

‘JIMIM’ has been trending and ARMY is having a ball as they wait for Jimin’s reaction this time.

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