BTS Kicks Off Day 1 of #BTSWEEK On ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ by Performing ‘Dynamite’ And ‘IDOL’

The moment Jimmy Fallon announced that BTS will be on his show for a whole week, ARMY have been counting down the days leading up to 28 September 2020. It was revealed that it would be #BTSWEEK, BTS appearing on the late Show With Jimmy Fallon for five nights, a whole week! And they will have five different performances that include comedy skits, it’s Jimmy Fallon after all, performances and virtual interviews. The first night started off with BTS performing their 2018 hit ‘Idol’.

The performance was highly energetic and the outfits were giving off a dark moody vibe still maintaining their traditional designs. The location for the performance was Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul.  They were joined virtually by Jimmy Fallon and The Roots for a video performance of ‘Dynamite’ in brightly colored outfits that were just perfect for keeping with the retro vibe of the ‘Dynamite’ song.

BTS never fail to amaze at their wide variety of concepts for their performances. Every performance that they have done for ‘Dynamite’ or any of the songs, comes with different looks in terms of style and fashion and the sets. Each set is different and even better than the last. Every outfit still keeps the theme of the song that they are singing but is very different for each performance. It is safe to say that BTS are on their own level when it comes to performing. From the outrageously great set designs to their styling on the outfits, no one can match their level. And even on performing the songs, BTS add different flairs and flavors to the songs, it is the same song but there is always something extra added to the performance.

If this is how week 1 starts off, I cannot wait for what is in store for the remainder of the 4 days. ARMY is already hoping that their favorite songs would be performed. Up in the request for a performance is ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears”, Black Swan among others.

Watch the magnificent performances !


BTS ‘DYNAMITE’ featuring Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

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