2018 BTS ‘thought about disbanding’, 2020 ‘they are giving us hope’ We are Happy BTS Chose to Stay With Us

“In every artist’s life, there comes a time when they start rethinking their lives both personally and professionally. You start to reevaluate the reasons why you became an artist, why you love your craft and is it worth the mental exhaustion at the end of the day? I am not an artist, but we all can relate in terms of our everyday life. Whether it be at work, at home or it be the relationship with family, friends, coworkers, we all feel burnt out at some point. When there is so much pressure from all around and you start wondering whether it is all worth it. As much as you try, sometimes all the negativity, hate, lack of support and outright dismissals can get to you. You try to hold onto the hope that it will get better but it seems to get worse.

Artists though have it harder, because the fans expect you to be happy and alive every minute of the day. Whether you are having a bad moment, you are expected to put on a front that says nothing can bring you down. At the end of the day the human spirit can be defeated and the mental will to go on seems to dwindle and the body capacity to hold on slips from your grasp.

BTS being the band that they are today, takes a lot of hard work and resilience to go on despite all the negativities. If you have followed BTS’ journey you can see how hard they have had to put in, in order to be where they are. A story of 7 boys who were brought from different areas in their country South Korea, with different dreams, different backgrounds, different convictions and even more different personalities. Anything new will always be deemed to be a threat to the far established institutions, and even more so anything new that seems to have great potential will always be received with a grain of salt.

Standing out from the crowd always seems impossible with all the obstacles that are put before your journey. But BTS did stand out because they had a goal and knew the reason why the 7 of them came together. They wrote their own music, practiced tirelessly day and night to master their craft. What you see today is a result of that hard work. But it is never an easy path to walk on sometimes

BTS Suga

In 2018 after receiving their win for Artist of the Year at MAMA 2018, Jin revealed that they had been having such a hard year in 2018 that they even considered disbanding. Every time I watch that heartbreaking speech I am always in tears, imagining what the world would be without these great men that have changed our lives so much. Jin spoke of how they had been having a hard time and even contemplated disbanding BTS.


I can only imagine the kind of hard times that they were going through to put their mental health into so much strain and stress.


It is always good to talk about what is going on in your mind with people who are close to you and understand what you are going through. I am so happy that they had each other and still do even to this day


Hard decisions are always difficult to make especially wen you know that it involves so many people and they all have an input in the matter. Sometimes speaking out makes the issue that much more manageable


Thankfully BTS decided to keep working at what they have always loved doing, writing, producing and performing music


Looking back at all your achievements makes it easier to decide to move on knowing that there are people who are always cheering for you and are there to hold your hand when things get tough


That realization that you are not alone in your struggles makes your resolve to keep moving that much more meaningful. Having that support system is exactly what you need when you start feeling like you are crumbling


Family, friends, and even acquaintances are all part of the equation to getting over huddles, being grateful to them gives you a sense of serenity because you know they got your back.


BTS have always been grateful to ARMY, those that started with them back in 2013 when they were introduced to them for the first time and those who git to know them today in 2020. ARMY has always been grateful to BTS for giving us the will to move on even when the tough times seem to be too much to handle


At the end of the day BTS is family and family always look out for each other, during hard times and happy times. They may all be different in different aspects of their lives, but when they come together, they are one, BTS.

2020 would have never been the same, it has been bearable because BTS put us in their minds and hearts when they decided to bring to us ‘Dynamite’ which has proved to be the very thing that 2020 needed. Add to that the gift that they gave ARMY to be opened in 2039 containing positive messages for the youth, and also the message that they gave at the 75th UN Assembly about having hope even in the face of the circumstances that we are in now. BTS continues to be a light at the end of a very long tunnel and the golden ray at the end of the rainbow after a rainy day. BTS will be there for ARMY. ARMY will be there for BTS.

Watch the full speech

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