‘ThankYouRM’ Trending Worldwide Here’s Why You Need to Join the Conversation

“BTS as a whole has always had a message of love, hope, confidence, being each others’ keepers and living in harmony with everyone. Everyone knows that Namjoon has a way with words that make you believe in yourself no matter the situation. His speeches give that element that he is talking to ‘you’ and not everyone else, they are always personal that it feels like you are floating in his words. The world celebrated Namjoon and reminded everyone why he is the leader of BTS and the leader in everyone’s hearts.

His responses to ARMYs on the Weverse App have always encouraged and made the writer feel that much closer to him and the rest of BTS. ARMYs came together to send their appreciation to RM through trending the hashtags on Twitter #ThankYouRM, #ThankYouNamjoon and #KimNamjoon. One particular response to an ARMY who was going through a tough time, got everyone reminiscing on his ability to write poetry even using just simple words. He wrote;

“It’s hard to admit but we can’t solve every kind of problems. Sometimes it just feels too much to bear myself. But when things are too tough I think of the faces who I love, and who love me, like you. S**t truly happens and it might not change. But it’s okay to fail and tumble. I hope we could stay strong and fly together, whatever’s underneath the ground” RM




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