BTS ARMYs flood V With ‘Kim Taehyung We Love You’ on Twitter After His Confession

BTS’ V has always shown ARMY how much he loves them. Especially now at this time when the Covid 19 pandemic has hit everyone around the world. BTS members have shared about how frustrated and sad they have been not being able to meet with ARMY on the stage. In an interview, Jimin spoke and said that after ‘Dynamite’ reached no. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 Charts, all they wanted to do was meet with ARMY, cry and celebrate together. One thing that ARMYs love about BTS is that they have always shared their true feelings and the most intimate parts of their lives. BTS have done this through their Logs on Youtube, Vlive and even during their FESTAS.

BTS’ latest programme, In The Soop, has enabled fans to be able to watch them relax and just connect with nature. They have reminisced about their pre debut and debut days when they had to fight with mosquitoes in their first apartments. They have also been able to catch up with passions that they loved or have discovered they love, like Suga and Jungkook have been learning to play the guitar. RM and Jungkook have also been doing some painting. Surrounded by a camping fire they have had close intimate conversations that have brought them closer together.

One such heart to heart talk was between Jungkook and V. Jungkook asked V what has been on his mind lately and V opened up to him.

“Ever since our ON promotion, since we couldn’t see ARMY from the stage, I couldn’t feel certain that I was someone who was receiving love. Just because I couldn’t see them with my eyes. It’s something so trivial, but it really got to me” V started

“It’ll probably be the same for everyone” Jungkook spoke

“Probably. And so, the reason I went on Weverse more often and tried to do something with ARMY was to get the feeling of assurance that I am someone who is loved” V “But the drawback was that it was only temporary. It’s all good when I talk with ARMY or do something with ARMY, but once it’s over and I’m lying in bed, I realize that it’s all temporary” V said

V playing with Jungkook’s cheeks on Jungkook’s birthday

“Do you feel empty” asked Jungkook

“Yes. I think this is the most urgent reason as to why I want to perform in concert. I want to be assured that I’m being loved” V continued

“You are really doing well these days, if you want to be loved, it’d be good to show those who love you how much you have changed” Jungkook added

V and Jungkook have been close since they started at Big Hit Entertainment

Seeing how much V was missing them, ARMY decided to send him virtual hugs and messages of love. He is the one who has always been loving ARMY from afar and now it was time that the love was given to him. Kim Taehyung never for a moment ever think that you are ever not on our minds, our love for you transcends the whole universe, we will love you without fear or weariness, you are our prince. We Love You Kim Taehyung’

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