BTS V’s Mom is every Son’s Dream Mom

“We all know that Kim Taehyung is the gentlest and caring person in the world. He is the one who came up with “I purple you” for ARMY, he asked that we love all 7 boys because BTS is made up of 7 boys. He’s always coming up with challenges and projects that ARMY can do especially in this time when everyone is at home. On Weverse he is usually the most active and engages with fans by giving them fun things to do like the time he asked fans to send in signature suggestions for him because he wanted to get a new signature.

And now we know where he gets that golden heart of his. From his mom and I’m sure father too. In an episode of BTS In The Soop, as BTS prepared to get back to the lake house, V can be seen handing a bag to Jin, when Jin asks if it is a present then V tells him that his mom prepared snacks for them, he replies “That’s amazing”. Everyone is touched as Suga says “Your mom is incredible”. J-Hope chided in saying that “She cooked for all her sons” V’s mom’s affection did not go unnoticed one BTS ARMY member realized the crusts of the bread were cut off because TaeTae doesn’t like it’

BTS members pre debut/debut days and now in 2020

We know that BTS members love each other like the family they are. So it seems V’s mother has 6 other adoptive sons that she has added to the mix. We love to see that!

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