BTS’ Rap line Bop Worthy Collabs We cannot Get Enough Of

The BTS Rap line has had great collaborations that have been hits all over the world. Recently Suga added another Collab to his belt when he collaborated with MAX on the Song Blueberry Eyes which already has 9.3 million views and 1.4 million likes. The Rap line just like the vocal line of BTS have a hand in the lyrics for the songs and Albums that the band produces. RM is so far the rapper with the most collaborations. Their wide, vast and various collaborations just goes to show how versatile the artists are in music and how music connects everyone regardless of language or location or genre.


Chicken Noodle Soup J-Hope feat. Becky G – 195,317,525 million views


Blueberry Eyes Max ft. Suga – 9,189,850 million views

Eight Suga ft. IU – 89,785,640 million views


Change RM ft Wale – 18,920,608 views

Winter Flower RM ft. Youna – 4,723,468 million views

Crying Over You HONNE ft. RM & BEKA – 3,129,708 million views

P.D.D RM ft. Warren G – 1,431,420 million views

Fantastic RM ft. Mandy Ventrice – 1,227,531 million views

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