Singers Dan + Shay Praise BTS Jungkook’s Cover of their song “10,000 Hours”

“When Jungkook posted on twitter a voice message of him singing the song “10,000 hours”, the whole of ARMY freaked out at how good it was! Jungkook’s vocals have a way of shocking any listener at how good the vocals are. Many people praise Jungkook’s voice at how versatile in range and pitch it is. It is the voice of an Angel! Out of all the BTS members, Jungkook has done the most covers which always receive high praises at how good not only his voice is, but also his English. RM even joked once at how ARMY’s are screaming “Jungkook’s English is soooo cute!”

10,000 hours was originally sung by country duo, Dan + Shay, in collaboration with Justin Bieber. In an interview for the American Country Music Awards with media outlet eTalk, the duo addressed the viral cover and spilled about just how much they adore BTS!

Junstin Bierber, Dan +Shay

Dan shared that Jungkook did a great job and also admitted that they were huge fans of BTS themselves. He also sweetly praised ARMYs, claiming that ARMYs were the best fans in the world.

“First of all, Jungkook did an amazing job and we’re huge fans of those guys -they’re so good, the music’s amazing, everything is just so on point. And their fans? Like, the best fans in the entire world, they’re so great.“ Dan said

Dan also praised Jungkook for the effort he had put in, into covering the song. “He did that cover and it was just incredible. I thought it originally was just a couple lines or something and then I went on SoundCloud and he had recorded the whole song. That’s a tremendous honour. Those guys are so talented and for him to stumble upon our song and to do a whole cover of it,  you know it takes a lot of time to do something like that. To go into a studio and put the vocals in and record the whole thing and then upload it, that’s super kind of him to do that.”

Dan even hinted at a collab maybe? “Huge shout out to him for recording it and shout out to the fans! Much love to them, they were so good to us and so sweet about the song. Maybe someday, we’ll collaborate with BTS.”

Have a listen at Jungkook’s melodious voice on the cover song

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