Are You Ready for the new BTS ‘Dynamite’ NightTime Remix?

“We love that BTS will not let us breathe before releasing something new and exciting! ARMY is still recovering from all the excitement that has been going on in the BTS world. Achieving the no. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks in a row, staying at number 2 on the third week, and just the other day, BTS gave a jaw dropping performance at the America’s Got Talent semifinals stage.

They gave us a teaser to their upcoming BTS Universe story game! BTS just keeps giving and giving to help comfort us during these harsh times. BTS were right when they said that they had a fun filled September for us to look forward to. In their Dynamite B-Side Reaction Video they talked about all the projects they had worked on in the aftermath of the release of ‘Dynamite. ‘ “ARMY will love September” J-Hope said excitedly.

So, Big Hit just announced on BTS Weverse app that they will be releasing a new version of Dynamite on 18th September.

“The BTS digital single ‘Dynamite’ made the amazing achievement of staying at the top of Billboard Hot 100 two weeks in a row, and the second place for the third week. This is all thanks to the incredible love and attention shown by our fans. We sincerely thank you” said the statement “To show our appreciation through music, we’ve prepared a new ‘Dynamite’ remix version”

In the statement Big Hit Entertainment has announced that they will be releasing the “Dynamite” NightTime remix. The remix will be composed of four tracks (Slow Jam, Bedroom, Retro and Midnight) Complementing the bright and fun DayTime version remixes (Acoustic, EDM, Tropical, Poolside). The NightTime series will let ARMYs enjoy the music on a calm, late night. We are already loving the sound of that!

“I hope that your day will be filled around the clock with joy with the DayTime and NightTime version remixes of ‘Dynamite’” Big Hit Entertainment.

BTS truly wants to comfort ARMY during these times that everyone is going through. RM’s words speaking about ‘Dynamite’ always ring true as their heartfelt wish for us to feel comforted and be happy listening to their music.

“As soon as we heard it, we thought it was really fun and exciting, a fun and cheery song that wasn’t that serious. It just made us feel good when we heard it,” RM explained during a recent online press conference. “We really wanted to share this energy with the fans as soon as possible.”

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