A Celebration of 4 years with Yoongi’s ‘First Love’ solo Song

“First Love’ song was released on 8th September 2016 as part of a short story film for BTS’ WING’ Album. First Love was written and produced by Suga. Speaking of the process, Suga said that it was a meaningful song. “First Love talks about the piano I used to play when I was young, which also means the only friend I had”

Suga confesses that he cried a lot while recording the song “I kept crying at the emotion exolosion part in the latter half. It was when I just finished working on ‘Agust D’ mixtape and moved onto the album right away, so I didn’t have much time, I wrote it quickly and recorded all by myself” he said

Unfortunately they called him after he had sent and was on his way to the airport. “They called and said it might need to be re-recorded because the file was broken. I cried that hard while recording it but! I recorded again after going back to Korea and went to catch a flight again 4 or 5 hours later. It was stressful but fun” he concludes




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