Singer Lea Salonga commends BTS for Their Professionalism, her Words ECHO what Other Artists Have Spoken about BTS

“BTS’ work ethic has always been about perfection in everything they do, whether it be in their singing, dancing or speaking. You can always see that they are not satisfied until the work is up to par with what they expect from their delivery of the performances. You can see this especially on ‘Bangtan Bomb’ series on Bangtan TV, BTS YouTube channel where they document their personal lives and activities they are doing. After most performances they will always review the footage to see how they performed, what they did great, where there was a mistake and what they can do about it for future performances. You can never stop growing as an artist, there is always new things that you need to learn and old things that you need to improve on.

Singer Lea Salonga, a multiple award-winning actress and singer renown across the world for her powerful voice and perfect pitch tweeted about BTS’ professionalism. She is best known for her Tony Award winning role in Miss Saigon and won the Olivier, Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle and Theatre World Awards, in the field of musical theatre. She was also the first Asian to play Eponine in the musical Les Misérables on Broadway. She stated that BTS’ desire to repeat until it’s exactly right is what makes her a big fan.

It is always the same even in normal life, there are always lessons learnt from the past and new lessons learnt to be applied in future. BTS shared their process of preparing for the MTV Video Music Awards with Vogue and we got to see exactly that, their persistence in making sure that they got the performance right and the way they wanted. Giving tips here and there on what works, recording and even recording again just to make it perfect or right. If that is not dedication to your craft, then I do not know what is. So many celebrities have always accorded that respect to BTS whenever they have a chance to work together.

Every step of the shooting, BTS was involved in making sure that the shoot was up to their standard. Nothing is ever left to chance with BTS, it is either working or if it is not, there is always a way to make it work by either changing something or adding to what is already there. All the records broken and all the awards won did not come by accepting the standard or having substandard work, for BTS the best is always what one should strive for.

Other celebrities that have spoken about working with BTS always echo her sentiments of how professional the members are. When interviewed by Variety on working with J-Hope for the ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ MV, Becky G said

“I will give all the credit to J-Hope on this. He was the one that found me; He had the song; He had been wanting to release it before he had even brought it to me and my team.”

MAX who collaborated with Suga for “Blueberry Eyes” in an interview with Buzzfeed said

“I just sent him the whole album. I basically said, “Here’s all the songs, you tell me what you want to be on, and I’ll make it work. I’m grateful to have you on any song.” And he liked “Blueberry Eyes”. I’d already written the song, so I think that probably helped the message, because it was very clear that there was a sweet, loving, dream world to it… I asked if he’d jump on “New Life”. I just thought that that would be the one, and he said, “You know, it’s not my style. I like the song a lot, but I just don’t know that I would fit on it.” So that’s when I sent him the whole album. I was just like, “You choose what song. You do your thing. I don’t care.”

Steve Aoki worked with BTS on songs like “Waste it on me” and the remix to “MIC Drop” speaking to Metro UK, he said,

“That’s the best part, to root for your boys and then you see them dominate globally, then you realize they’re bigger than music. It’s cultural; something really powerful for Asian people around the world. All these Asian kids look up to them and now they have this feeling they can have an impact,’ he continued. ‘I see them as something much larger than just the songs they make. I’m excited and honored to be able to work with them.’

BTS had prepared to give ARMY the performance of a lifetime since it was the first time performing “Dynamite” live on MTV Video Music Awards, but unfortunately, the conditions were not conducive so they made it work with what they had. And the performance was unbelievable when they performed! It felt like they were actually at the venue. BTS will always remain as the artists who will not settle for anything less than perfect, if not perfect, then right, and what they and ARMY will be proud of. They have set the standard high and it keeps going higher with every performance. It reflects in their lives, words, music and performances, that everything good, comes at a price, and that price is hard work!

Watch them prepare for the event

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