The National Museum Of Contemporary Art received 100 Million Won (approximately $84,200) from BTS’ RM on His Birthday

“To celebrate his birthday, Kim Namjoon made a donation to the ‘The National Museum Of Contemporary Art’. RM is known for his love for art. He often shares his visits to museums, art galleries and travels tagging them #Namjooning this gives ARMY the chance to see the more relaxed side of him. This had even led to many people getting more interested in Art and even some visiting the museums or art galleries that RM has visited before. RM celebrated his birthday with the rest of the BTS members and shared the moments with ARMY on the VLive App.

According to NAVER TV, Yoon Bum-Mo, the museum’s director said that the BTS member made the contribution on his birthday with the intention to spread the culture of reading beautiful art books”. He went on to say “Together with RM, who continually visits the museum in spite of his busy schedule and has been a positive influence in increasing interest in art, we will work hard to expand the practice of reading books about art”

The donation will support the production of rare books that need to be reissued and will be distributed to 400 public libraries all across South Korea. It is expected that 4,000 books will be manufactured and allotted to libraries by October this year.

BTS RM’s love for books

3 thoughts on “The National Museum Of Contemporary Art received 100 Million Won (approximately $84,200) from BTS’ RM on His Birthday

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