BTS’s RM shares dreamy selca celebrating their Billboard Hot 100 ‘Dynamite’ win and his Birthday

“It’s officially #NamjoonDay🎉💎🍾🎂! Born on 12th September 1994, Kim Nam-joon is the perfect definition of leader, mentor, life coach, rapper, singer, producer, writer, lyricist, heart throb, handsome man alive, creator, friend.. the list is endless. Today we celebrate this man who has brought so much joy in our lives together with BTS. Sometimes it feels like he is carrying the whole world on his shoulders, but he does that so well that you cannot help but admire him.

To celebrate Dynamite’s achievements on the Billboard Hot 100, two weeks in a row, RM treated ARMY with a selca worthy of a few soft swoons. He quoted on the photo “Once Again Billboard Hot 100 #1 Dynamite!!!!!!!!!!!!!” with a smirk on his face that can make even the cold ice melt just at its pureness with a hint of flirting. Who is kidding who? That picture is as hot as the Hot 100 x 2!

Namjoon was not done sharing with us his love for all things art and nature. Since its his birthday of course he has to include an emoji of cakes! “Happy Birthday to me” said his message on Twitter.

Seems like BTS September babies, RM and Jungkook have the best birthdays. It was on Jungkook’s birthday that BTS first heard about “Dynamite” reaching number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. And now just before RM’s birthday, they heard of “Dynamite” ruling the chart for the second consecutive week! Talk about amazing birthday presents!

Namjoon’s birthday hashtags are already trending here in Kenya, so am sure he’s in the top worldwide trends on his birthday! 👇

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