BTS Share Their Excitement Over Their First No. 1 Hit on the Billboard Hot 100

“The news that BTS had reached No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 with Dynamite was received with a lot of excitement and celebration. We were all wondering how BTS themselves reacted to it or felt about it. Jimin took to Twitter to write that he was still crying at the news because he could not believe it.

He cried together with V as they celebrated the news. I believe they were even more excited than ARMY since they knew how hard they had worked and just wanted to bless ARMY with something that could take away the sad times in this Covid 19 time. The upbeat, funky song is exactly what the world needed as it came at the right time. Big Hit Entertaiment shared BTS reactions to the exciting news, read below


“I still can’t believe it and it feels like I’m dreaming. Thank you to the composer for the great song and believe all of our achievements have been made with ARMY”


“Dynamite was a song we started making purely to have fun with our fans, and I’m surprised and really happy to hear about its unimaginable success”


“I still can’t believe we got No. 1. When I got a question about the goal for Dynamite I said I want to get No. 1 Billboard 100 chart but I can’t believe my dream became a reality. We won’t be complacent but work even harder”


“I’m just really grateful of our fans. I started this career because I like dancing and music, but I never imagined our team to top the Hot 100 chart. I feel overwhelmed because our sincerity seems to have worked. I want to share all the glory with our fans.”


“We released Dynamite hoping it would give a little comfort to someone, not to break any records. But we got this amazing, unexpected news and I felt so happy and grateful. Thank you to my members who worked hard and our fans for loving us and supporting us.”


“It’s a dream goal for any singer, but I never imagined that we could top the Billboard chart. When I first heard the news, I couldn’t believe it, and I was surprised to see the result with my own eyes.”


“It was like a dream when I heard we topped the Billboard Hot 100. Thank you ARMY. It makes me curious what our BTS and ARMY’s limits are. I will continue to challenge myself and work even harder. Thank you again ARMY for supporting us”

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