Got Milk? Jungkook loves milk and ARMY loves him for it

“It all started from a post update from Jungkook on BTS Twitter page. Just a boy with a photo of a hand holding milk, and everybody went wild. 1 million likes within minutes and comments pouring in with lots of love from ARMY. It has been a while since Jungkook posted a selca and everybody was more than happy to finally see a post from him. Gotmilk? Company even got on on the fun just like they did when the MV for ‘Dynamite’ dropped with Jungkook starting off the video by taking a glass of milk and getting ready to rock and roll!

What started the frenzy!👇

Should we start the day with Jungkook or milk?

Yes, stream Dynamite

Jungkook toasting his birthday with milk

I would only drink milk because of Jubgkook

Yoongi and his baby Jungkook

The Jungkook and milk effect in the US

A millionare and his love for banana milk

Lactose intolerent who?

Drink milk first thing in the morning when you wake up

Our kookie really loves milk, from white milk, strawberry and even banana!

A man and his love for milk, a compilation

Yap! The power this man holds💜

Living the dynamite life

Hoseok telling you, you gotta have your dailu calcium intake

We missed our boy too…

Jungkook is definitely built different

Worldwide panic attack if it was Jungkook drinking that milk

Yes drink milk as you stream ‘Dynamite’

Yes, both a manly man and yet so endearingly soft

Lactose intolerants how are we feeling?

A total mess and its only a picture of a glass of milk

You gotta get that perfect angle for that perfect pic

History making glass of milk

He just made milk cool again, this man Jungkook

No wine can replace the love of milk

Mint chocolate, pineapple on pizza, and milk drinker, the perfect combo!

Unpopular opinion, yet popular

Milk tastes delicious after Jungkook rocked with it

Everybody raise your glass of milk and toast to Jungkook’s birthday! 🥛

A man drinking milk is a whole dream

You need to flex that love for milk

Thinking of Jungkook everytime I drink milk

Aaah, the devastation in that pic

Our boy finally came home!

Hand modeling skills on point

Pretty hands holding a pretty glass of milk

Now you have to stream ‘Dynamite’ Jungkook said so

Jungkook will turn your dislike of milk into love for milk

The therapy we all needed, Jungkook holding a glass of milk

Yes, a totally precious boy

The man you have become, Jungkook

Milk has just become relevant again

From eating an apple to now drinking milk, Jungkook King of trends

Chocolate milk anyone?

When Jungkook asks, you do it!

The power, this man holds, trending milk in foreign countries

Got milk? Yes!

Never forget sugar in your milk

Eternal confessions of love for Jubgkookie

3 thoughts on “Got Milk? Jungkook loves milk and ARMY loves him for it

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