BTS’s Jungkook broke TikTok record for most TikTok hashtag views without having an account

“It is just one day to celebrate Jeon Jungkook’s birthday and we are loving our little baby that has grown up so much. He joined BTS when he was still in middle school and has grown in the lime light through his pre-teen and teen years and even into young adult hood. Jungkook is known as the King of trends, whether its on twitter, Instagram or TikTok.

So it is no surprise that Jungkook would break a TikTok record even without having a personal account. BTS have a brand profile on all social media platforms but they tend to share bits and pieces of their lives with us individually some times. On TikTok BTS has 18 million followers and hold the record for the fastest 1 million followers within minutes of opening their TikTok account, and the numbers keep increasing!

Jungkook 22, has amassed over 15.6 billion views on his hashtag on TikTok. He beat Salman Khan an Indian film star who currently has 15.5 billion views on the platform. By the end of June Jungkook’s hashtag had already broken 10 million views and incredibly in just 2 months, it increased to 15.6 billion views and counting. So happy to see our Kookie be so loved by the whole world! Looking forward to your birthday on 1st September as you turn 23 years young. ARMY will always love you, borahe Jungkook

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