Dynamite just Destroyed YouTube’s Record for most views in a Premier

“We were all anticipating BTS new single Dynamite and ARMY was already prepared for the records that are to be broken on this new single. The Dynamite Teaser had its own record breaking streaks and right now it has 55 Million views, 6 Million likes, 1 Million comments and counting! This being my very first comeback, I really could not sleep, even though on our end the video would premiere at 7 AM.

I have never been this much excited and anxious at the same time before! ARMY, is this what y’all been experiencing since 2013? It is just an emotion you cannot explain, both a mixture of excitement, fear (I don’t know why this), panic attacks and breathlessness.

As soon as it was 6:30 time for the live countdown, I was already logged in, and there were already 1.3 Million people already live! So much for thinking I’d at least be there before 1 Million but who am I kidding, some people are blessed with really fast keyboard hands! It was so great seeing BTS live as they read some of the comments that they had asked ARMY to tweet about one word that describes Dynamite to them. The comment that stuck out was that ‘Dynamite is like a warm blanket…’

Dynamite premier garnered over 3 million views during the premier live, not yet confirmed by YouTube, this is just from Big Hit’s YouTube page on the live archive. Either way ARMY did break the record for the most views on Youube live premier!

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