DINER Vibes, Funky Sound ‘DYNAMITE’ Music Video DROPS!! You’re not Ready for this!

28 minutes 11 million views on YouTube already!

BTS have officially released their FIRST-EVER FULLY ENGLISH SINGLE! The members, Jin, RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook dropped the long-awaited new song “Dynamite,” which has been accompanied by a brand new music video.  “Dynamite,” comes only six months after their last album, “Map Of The Soul:7” released in February this year. “Dynamite” is an upbeat disco-pop song with elements of funk, soul and bubblegum pop. The song aims to bring a new surge of much-needed “energy” to reinvigorate the global community in the midst of COVID-19. The accompanying new music video of “Dynamite” is colorful and bright, featuring retro concept props, hairstyles, and attire. The overall mood is lively and vibrant from start to finish, perfectly capturing the joyful energy of the song’s melody and lyrics.

5 thoughts on “DINER Vibes, Funky Sound ‘DYNAMITE’ Music Video DROPS!! You’re not Ready for this!

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