KIM TAEHYUNG bias wrecking ALL bias wreckers in BTS Dynamite Music Video Teaser

“BTS’ Kim Tae-hyung, V, Vante, Renoir, Vincent van Goh, Tannie’s Dad… what are you doing to ARMY? Not that we are complaining, this Dynamite Era screams his unstoppable aura. Kim Taehyung has been trending since Big Hit Entertainment dropped their new Dynamite MV teaser. He has been serving grown sophisticated looks over these past few weeks and yesterday was just the bomb of it all.

His look in the Dynamite Teaser Video has got ARMY going gagagagagaga! He is even trending with ‘That guy in green suit’ I mean, if there is anyone who is known to be trending for whatever he is wearing, it is Kim Taehyung! Like when Kalen said BTS ‘be snatching their fans’ wigs’ at the 2018 Billboards Music Awards, red carpet, V is snatching the whole world’s wigs with his Dynamite look!!

Forget what designer Taehyung is wearing, how is he pulling off the green?

Boy With Luv vs Dynamite Era, pick your fighter

The man whose fit is just perfect

We choose the ‘guy in green’

An international trend setter Kim Taehyung

Well, that’s a simple answer to who looks good in green

This man… Here he is giving our weak hearts a shock!

Somebody tell us why he always attacks us like this, but we love it

Culture reset by Kim Taehyung right there

How can you study where he is staring at you like that?

World domination is all I hear!


You can never regret loving this man. He is wrecking, your biased bias wrecker

Ladies & gentlemen presenting stan attractor Dynamite V

The secret weapon that is Kim Taehyung

Maybe breathing without a heart is real when looking at a Gucci clad Kim Taehyung

Like honestly how? King of trends and color just dropped another one

The excitement that is teaching non fans Kim Taehyung’s name is beyond another level

#TheGuyInGreenSuit #TheGuyInGreen he is a trend

Give Kim Taehyung Green, he struts it

He be snatching locals with his green suit

Receive apologies for only thinking of Kim Taehyung

He just keeps attacking relentlessly!

A master at trending worldwide

Who hasn’t screamed? Who?

Let’s talk, let’s really do talk about Kim Taehyung

KIM TAEHYUNG the most tweeted name, who is surprised?

Tae Tae the mysterious trendsetter

He is a movie, just get popcorn and watch the thriller unfold

Thank you Kim Taehyung for bringing new ARMY

Green is blessed to be worn by the King of style

We are not calming down any time soon in this Dynamite ERA

Such a gentleman to always worry about keeping us alive

Ready to fight! Come on! The illegality of this man’s charm knows no bounds

He out here not allowing us to live a normal life

Self inflicted suffering just because he is wearing a green suit

V can definitely relate to being the man Kim Taehyung

Low key loving this man in tiny

Advice for this stan attacker?

Kim Taehyung inspiring the artists in ARMY

Confirmed! It is Taehyung’s Era, Kim Taehyung

The green suit. Just, the green suit, ending it all

BTS trending, and why not? why the hell not

How many more trending titles can this man be known for

We choose ‘the guy in green’

What can we do, really what?

There really is no end to Tae Tae’s hotness!

We can all agree. Period.

Kim Taehyung being loved without borders #TheGuyInGreenSuit

It was #theguyinblackshirt and now presenting #theguyingreensuit

The icon that is Kim Taehyung

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