BTS RM and Jimin Dalgona Making Skills Got Them on The Local News

“During one of their VLive Jimin decided to invite RM so that they could try out making the trending Dalgona coffee. They played fun songs as they started the process even suggesting that fans listen to their song ‘Coffee’. Dalgona coffee requires a lot of muscle strength and they soon found out that it was not such an easy task. Stirring was the hardest part as even Jimin joked that he no longer has the strength to rebel against Jungkook anymore!

Getting the right consistency was the challenge they were having but they ended up succeeding and even adding the whipped coffee in milk. However, judging from the look on RM’s face, he did not like the taste. Their Dalgona making skills even had them appear on the local news. We are proud that they stuck to the process even though it was a tiring process. I have made Dalgona coffee before without a hand beater and I had to rest several times because of the hard work it takes, so props to Jimin and RM for sticking it out.

Jimin already getting exhausted

Watch the full live

One thought on “BTS RM and Jimin Dalgona Making Skills Got Them on The Local News

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