BTS RM’s Top 11 Music Videos showcasing his Lyricist Genius

RM is considered as one of the best idol rappers in the history of K-Pop. This goes without any doublet because RM has proved time and again that he is the best at what he does. RM’s rap is not only strong but powerful and even with monotonous beats, he creates intense yet enjoyable tracks that leave you wanting more and more. His tracks also have introspective characteristics that bring out who RM is and that is what he is particularly well-loved for. His songs are usually different each time, he has songs that have refreshing track, tracks that make you think, while others leave you in awe of his lyrics ability showing off his rhythmic brilliance.

RM writes lyrics that are deep and play on words which need a double take to know the meaning. He has also collaborated with a few artists both locally I Korea and even internationally. One great example is ‘Do You’ which was an answer to all hi haters that were criticizing his rap skills and personality. ‘P.D.D (Please Don’t Die) is one where he is telling his haters not to die until they witness his success, which am pretty sure they are witnessing! Here are his top 11 Music Videos that will leave you speechless!

1. Rap Monster x Warren G ‘P.D.D’ 

2. Rap Monster – Joke

3.Rap Monster – Do You

4. Rap Monster – Seoul

5. RM – Persona

6. RM – Awakening

7. RM X Wale – Change

8. RM – Forever Rain

9. RM – Moonchild

10. RM ft Youhna – Winter Flower

11. Rap Monster – Fantastic (Feat. Mandy Ventrice)

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