ARMY Celebrates 4 Years With ‘Agust D’ with heart warming messages

“15th Agust 2020 marked ‘Agust D’s four years as a solo artist. Fans were excited when his first track ‘Agust D’ dropped which marked his first mix tape titled ‘Agust D’. This versatile mix-tape marked the beginning of Suga’s fire spitting alter ego being introduced into the music scene. It showcased his highly acclaimed natural talent at rapping hard and fast lyrics. His ‘tongue technology’ wrap skills gave people the excitement to want to hear more. I love that he launched his Agust D persona in the month of August, coincidence? I think not!!

ARMY and literally the whole world were enthralled and awed by his first mix tape that they were hungry for more! It had been since 2016 when he had released a mix tape so May 2020 Agust D came out again in his latest mix tape ‘D-2’ with its title track Daechwita which was even more fiery!

To show just how masterful and beloved the lyrics of his songs are, ‘Agust D’ MV hit over 100 million views on YouTube and to add to that achievement, a few days later the track ‘Daechwita’ from his second mix tape ‘D-2’ also hit 100 million views on YouTube in less than 2 months. This is truly an awesome gift for Agust D’ four year anniversary of his solo artist! Not only is Suga an awesome artist but he is also an all rounded member of BTS.

Whether its producing or writing or co-writing lyrics to their songs, Suga aka Agust D is hard working and passionate at his craft. Here’s to 4 more years and four more years and four more years of celebrating with Agust D! Fun fact, Agust D is my spirit animal.💜

Heart warming messages from ARMYs

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