Visuals for the new BTS X FILA “GO BEYOND” Ad are super amazing!

“I think for BTS, looking good is ingrained in their DNA. Whether its looking like Greek mythological statues standing next to a Hyundai car, eating crispy chicken or drinking an energy drink, pretty much drinking anything, BTS will make you standstill and pay attention!

Case in point, their new Fila Ad has some out of this worldly gorgeous looks that can only exist in an alternate universe. I love so much that they each got a quote associated with their ads which seems to be a representation of what they were exuding in their photos. JIN – “New me, New World”, JUNGKOOK – “New me, New Perspective”, JIMIN – “New me, New Standard”, V – “New me, New Look”, RM – “New me, New Vision”, J-HOPE – “New me, new Color” and finally SUGA – “New me, new Destination”. I think these should be the mantras that I should be living with! 💜 Check out these amazing visuals from our fashion kings and icons.

Jin “New me, new world”

Jungkook “New me, new perspective”

Jimin “New me, new standard”

V “New me, new look”

RM “New me new vision”

J-Hope “New me, new color”

Suga “New me, new destination”


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