Tiny TAN’s new collab with Downy is the cutest Ad in the WORLD!

“BTS have not stopped Blessing us with new content. Big Hit just dropped another bomb on us, we are still, still recovering from their Dynamite teaser photos that got released the other day, now this! Tiny TAN just debuted few days ago and killed us all with their cuteness! Now here they are again making our hearts weak in their new campaign with Downy!

The best part is that those who buy the limited first edition, get a surprise gift inside. If you purchase the 1L + 1L special pack you will receive a TinyTan measuring cup which is a limited edition

This Tiny TAN × DOWNY is making us feel some type of way about doing laundry! I bet the fabric softener smells amazing! WOW! BTS! You are not letting us rest! Not tha we are complaining, we LOVE IT! You are making us survive this pandemic times.

The announcement by Big Hit Official Merch on Twitter

ARMY fangirling over TinyTan

International ARMY want in too 😢😢

ARMY are speculating that this is what started this whole deal. Back in 2019, Jungkook wrote on twitter that ARMY had made the fabric softener sell out, so he could not get any! They could be right based on the tweet below, whatever the case ARMY is excited, International ARMY are hoping that the brand will be available worldwide! We can only hope

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