I Year With BTS V’s ‘Winter Bear’

“Happy One Year Anniversary to Kim Taehyung’s ‘Winter Bear‘ song🍰🎊 that showcases his musical talent and the sincerity of his warm heart. BTS V’s self-composed ‘Winter Bear’ song inspired fans last year to adopt and rescue bears. After the release of BTS V’s self-composed song, “Winter Bear” on August 9, fans all over the world were so touched by his sincerity that it inspired them to donate.

The fans donated to foundations dedicated to rescuing polar bears and they also symbolically adopted grizzly bears under BTS V’s name.

It was said that this is a way of showing gratitude to BTS V (Kim Taehyung), for sharing his artistry, music, and talent which has a healing effect to listeners. “Winter Bear” is also listed as the 8th self-composed song by V registered in The Korea Music Copyright.

BTS members being big fans of V’s Winter Bear

Jungkook and Jimin singing winter bear during kareoki
Jimin and J-Hope singing along to winter bear
Jimin’s cute cover of winter bear

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