BTS Promotion Schedule for their new Single ‘Dynamite’

“BTS released a promotion schedule for their new digital single titled ‘Dynamite’, which will be dropped on the 21st August. Their official twitter page released the promotions schedule detailing the whole process until the release date

According to the schedule, the Dynamite teaser photo to be released on 11th, 13th, and 16th. The official music teaser for the ‘Dynamite’ single will be released on 19th August. The official music video which everyone is waiting for will be released on 21st August.

There will be a live countdown on Big Hit’s YouTube Channel until the music video is released on the 21st August the day the video drops.

BTS will have interviews for the ‘Dynamite’ single on ‘MTV Fresh Out Live’ and the ‘TODAY SHOW’ a popular NBC Talk show.

On the 24 the August, BTS will release B Side Music Video for ‘Dynamite’ and on the 31st they will appear for an exclusive first time on stage at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards. The group has also been nominated in the MTV Music Awards in 3 categories, BEST POP, BEST CHOREOGRAPHY and BEST K-POP. You can vote using these links below



BEST CHOREOGRAPHY (none public voting category)

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