BTS to appear on I-LAND Episode 7 August 14th

“I-LAND is the newest Kpop survival show! I-Land is a South Korean survival reality show organised by Belift Lab, which is a joint venture between the entertainment companies CJ E&M and Big Hit Entertainment. 23 participants are transported to a complex (called by the same name as the show title, the I-Land) located in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a luscious green forest, for a total of 113 days.

The participants will not only receive singing and dancing lessons, they will also live in the 3-floor complex, which features living spaces like the living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, gym, item room (for storage), terrace, dance studio, individual practice rooms, medical center and colorful bedrooms; however, only 12 contestants can stay there. The I-Landers will compete among themselves in the second part of the series, for the final debut team of an unknown number of members.

BTS’s upcoming guest appearance has been confirmed. Ever since I-LAND, a joint project between Big Hit Entertainment and CJ EMN, was announced, ARMYs have been hoping to see BTS appear on the show. Seen as a great way to motivate the contestants. It is not clear what their role will be, but fans are already predicting that BTS will be judging the trainees’ performances, teaching them, or both. It would be amazing if it would be both. For the I-LAND contestants, meeting BTS will be a dream come true. Many chose to pursue music because of BTS, whom they look up to as role models and a source of inspiration.

It’s so exciting to know that they will be meeting their inspirations and get to learn from legends who have been where they are as trainees and now BTS is conquering the world! Looking forward to that episode! Imagine, just imagine having BTS as mentors, such luck!

Fans are really excited about the announcement! Here are some twitter reactions about the news that their favorite people will be appearing on the show

Some were excited over the fact that they will get to see J-Hope as a mentor! We all know when Hoseok turns on dance teacher mode, it’s serious business! I don’t know whether to be excited for them or scared for them, if he comes as a mentor. J-Hope previously mentored trainees on MBC‘s survival show Under 19…

The show has even got people who will watch the show for the first time

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