IT’S NO BIG DEAL by V, a POEM to BTS Members

“What I can say to you guys when we sometimes struggle was only ‘it’s no big deal’ (Lets overcome tough times saying that ) I wanted to remind you of the meaning of the phrase again”

_ V


It’s no big deal


Don’t be sad when you make a mistake while dancing

It’s no big deal

You just don’t have to make the same mistake

Cheer up, cheer up


Don’t panic after blowing a kiss

It’s no big deal

Your blowing a kiss

Makes ARMY’s hearts flutter

Pond, pound


You want to be a stone in your next life, don’t worry

It’s no big deal

I’ll bring you to a lot of beautiful places

Stone, stone


You give us a scary look

When we make a mistake on stage

Don’t do that

It’s no big deal

A slip of a wise man, everybody makes mistakes

Understand with a warm smile

Bbooing, bbooing


Because of a diet and singing out of tune

Or making a mistake on stage

Don’t be stressed out

It’s no big deal

No matter what you do on stage

It won’t change the fact that

You’re the coolest performer I’ve ever seen

Gasp, gasp


Stop exercising to tease us more

Its no big deal

The more you act cute, the cuter you look

You’re not cute anymore

Coochie, coochie coo

It’s no big deal

V read the poem to BTS while at camping in their RUN BTS Episode 56 on VLive

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