GIYEOK by RM, a POEM to BTS Members

“The past is the past, the present is the present. These days I’ve been trying to find meanings in the past. I think I’m practicing the process. What we thought was cool back in the days. Back in the days we thought G*** V necks were the coolest things on earth. Thinking about old days, it’s a great comfort. I’ve been thinking a lot about that. I was told to write a letter to you guys and that came to my mind first”



I remember

Taehyung’s half buzz cut

Jungkook’s bambi eyes

And skinny jeans

Hoseok’s gray padded jacket

Yoon-gi’s blue sweat pants

When Seokjin wasn’t into dad jokes

Jimin’s chubby body

I remember

Our Han river. Our bikes

Our G*** V necks, Our G*** chino shorts

Our showcase, Our bulgogi

Our chairs in the waiting room

And our blood, sweat and tears

All those memories

Are like ‘Giyeok’ (the 1st Korean alphabet consonant)

My precious first

So again today

I ‘Giyeok’ memories

RM read the poem to BTS while at camping in their RUN BTS Episode 56 on VLive

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