BTS V posted Yeotan on Weverse and we cannot get enough of Him!

“Yeotan is V’ s black and tan Pomerarian dog thats also known as Tan, Tannie or Kim Yeotan. He’s so adorable and cute you just want to cuddle him! V posted the pics of Yeotan recently on Weverse after blessing us with him and Tannie cuddling lazily on the sofa, a few days ago.

Yeotan first made his public debut on December 4th 2017 during Jin’s birthday VLive! He’s so close to V that he has been known to follow him around. Though all the other BTS members are always seen playing around with him, cuddling and even holding or carrying him, such a lucky cutie pie!💜

Here is Yeotan just chiling with Tae Tae💜
Oh, the feels in this shot! 😍

Some cute interactions with Yeotan💜

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