Press Conference for Love Yourself: Tear

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The conference was held at the Lotte Hotel on Level 2 at 11am KST, 24th May 2018. Kim Il Joong MCed the event. BTS had arrived the day before from the US, having performed their new lead single ‘Fake Love‘ at the Billboard Music Awards. During their stay, they also recorded segments on television shows, radio programs, and interviews. You can see a masterlist of their American video interviews here, and the BTS Content Index is also consistently updated with all their work. Their first Korean stage will be on the same night as the press conference, through MNet’s ‘Comeback Show’ aired at 8.30pm.

The quotations compiled below were recorded by a variety of Korean outlets. My live twitter thread gives the source at every appropriate point.

The production process of their new album Love Yourself: Tear

  • RM: Though one could analyse the contextual reasons we have…

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