Yoon-gi cooking for BTS is a BEAUTIFUL view

“We all know Min Yoon-gi can deliver hard hitting raps on stage. His presence and swag alone can turn the stage into a furnace! but when it comes to the Kitchen, he is great at cooking and loves cooking for his fellow members. Together with Jin they are known as the best cooks in the house. Min Yoon-gi takes his food seriously just as he takes his rap lines! He cooked the best stake on RUN BTS episode 58 with members praising his cooking skills. We do love a man who can cook!

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The Seven Members of Bangtan an Introduction

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RUN BTS by Jin, a POEM to BTS Members

“We have worked so hard right? Someday we will get tired and just quit. I hope this is not that moment. I wrote it hoping for that”


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WHAT A RELIEF by Suga, a POEM to BTS Members

“I write a lot these days. I just put together some of them. I’ve been thinking a lot these days, what a relief we have each other”


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SEED by J-Hope, a POEM to BTS Members

“I wanted to compare us to flowers, so I played with words”


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GIYEOK by RM, a POEM to BTS Members

“The past is the past, the present is the present. These days I’ve been trying to find meanings in the past. I think I’m practicing the process. What we thought was cool back in the days. Back in the days we thought G*** V necks were the coolest things on earth. Thinking about old days, it’s a great comfort. I’ve been thinking a lot about that. I was told to write a letter to you guys and that came to my mind first”


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